Advanced Professional 2

Advanced Professional 2

Advanced professionals are newly created residence qualifications from 2015 year 4 month 1 day. Previously it was in 'Specific activities'.
It is a visa for those who have been designated advanced talent for the status of residence of "Specific Activities" and those who want to become advanced personnel from now on.


This advanced professional work visa is divided into 1 and 2.
The first is a visa for foreigners who have been certified as "highly professional" for the first time. The residence period is 1 years. Any occupation can get a 5-year stay.
2 has the status of residence of 1, and 3 is required to pass 1 years. In addition, it will be possible to perform almost all activities recognized by the status of residence of employment, so let's first aim to acquire the advanced professional 1. The period of stay is indefinite.

Preferential treatment of advanced professionals

When acquiring advanced professionals, the following incentives are taken.

1 No.
(1 - 1) Allowing multiple residence activities
(1-2) granting the period of stay of "5 year"
(1 - 3) Relaxation of the permission requirement for permanent residence pertaining to the status of residence
(1 - 4) Spouse 's work
(1-5) Accompanied by parents (with certain conditions)
(1-6) Accompanied by a domestic servant (with certain conditions)
(1 - 7) Priority handling of immigration and residence procedures
2 No.
(2 - 1) Almost all work qualification activities are possible together with the activities of 1
(2 - 2) The period of stay is indefinite
(2-3) Preferential treatment from (1-3) to (1-6) above

Requirements for advanced profession 2

To apply for the status of residence of Advanced Professional No. 2, the following conditions must be met.
· Total points on the point calculation table are at least 70 points based on the point of acceptance of each application, change of status of residence, change of status of residence, acquisition of status of residence
· Have stayed in Japan for more than 3 years at "High Professional Number 1 Visa" and are doing the activities listed in 1st issue of advanced profession.
· Being good is good.
· It is recognized that the residence of the alien matches the interests of Japan.
· It is not a case to admit that the activities the applicant intends to do in Japan are not appropriate from the viewpoints of the impact on Japanese industries and people's lives.
There are such conditions.
If you want to stay more in Japan, you may want to apply for a veteran profession visa after three years of acquiring a veteran profession.

Notes on advanced professionals

Please note that your residence status will be deprived if you do not work for 6 months even if you have an advanced professional visa.

Application flow

Preparation of application documents and other necessary documents.

  1. ① Application documents and attached documents
    ② Picture (Vertical 4 cm × Width 3 cm) 1 Leaves
    ※ Captured from the front within 3 months before application, sharp with no background.
    Please describe the name of the applicant on the back of the photo and paste it in the photo column of the application form.
    ③ Other
    【Application for permission to change status of residence and application for renewal of period of stay】
    · Present passport and residence card
    · Postcard (write address and name)
  2. Apply to the Immigration Bureau Submit the above documents.
  3. Notification of results Notification of the results will be sent to the immigration bureau at the time of application by the envelope or postcard.
  4. Procedure at Immigration Bureau
    【Application for permission to change status of residence and application for renewal of period of stay】
    Go to Immigration Bureau, purchase revenue stamps and sign a receipt.

Required document of advanced profession 2 issue

1. Application for Change of Status of Residence
2. Picture (length 4 cm × width 3 cm)
3. Posting of applicant's passport and alien registration card considered as residence card or residence card
4. If the submission is divided according to the category, a document certifying that the institution belongs to one of the categories
5. Documents listed in the right-hand column of the "Status of Residence" prescribed in Attachment 3, Enforcement Rules for Immigration Control Act
6. Point calculation table
7. Verification document on each item of the point calculation table

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