What is a work visa?

Necessary employment visa is a qualification for staying in Japan for foreign nationals to work as employed by companies.
The application should be submitted to the Immigration Bureau (whose name was changed to Immigration Agency in April MMXIX).

What is a work visa?

■ How long will it take to obtain a visa?

In the case of switching from other status of residence, there are also people who get out from 1 to 2 weeks, but there are cases where it takes from 3 to 4 months.
It will take more time to obtain a work visa for a short-term visa or those who are not yet in Japan.
Visa applicant Not only the personal background but also the degree of difficulty varies depending on company size, type of business, and occupation.

■ What happens if the visa application period expires?

During application, the special period is 2 months.
As for the immigration office, "I want you to return home because it is not permitted" if the visa is forgiven once the visa is not permitted for the exception period acquisition condition.
However, due to problems such as home evacuation, it takes time to go home.
The departure preparation period for that will be granted 30 days or 31 days.
In the case of 31 days, special exception period is attached at re-application.

■ How to decide the period of visa

Hope will be shown everyone in 5 year.
The examination of visa also involves the size of the company and the settlement situation.
In some cases you may be required to add a business plan, so if you can predict in advance, we will respond by attaching a bankbook.
Regarding company, we translate categories when we apply for immigration, and necessary documents depend on scale.
Category 1: Listing
Category 2: Company with withholding tax amount of statutory written total sum total of 1,500 million
Category 3: Other companies
Category 4: New company
Have never hired someone who has just set up and has no financial statements. Depending on the type of business, it can be difficult for three or five years.
Since the results will vary depending on the examiner, it is not uncommon to allow cases when changing approaches at reexamination.

■ What is a specific activity visa?

If international students graduate from abroad and have not decided to find a job, you can obtain it by receiving a recommendation from the school you graduated from.
You can stay for a job visa for up to 1 years with a visa to do job hunting.
As a student, attention is necessary because it does not pass if it is over the part-time job time of 28 hours a week.
Part-time will be possible by acquiring permission for activities outside your status.

Work visa list

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